Slime 50122 Flat Tire Puncture Emergency Kit Suit for Cars and Other Highway Car

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Slime 50122 Flat Tire Puncture Emergency Kit Suit for Cars and Other Highway Car Description From the manufacturer Emergency tire repair complete kit: Analog Inflator, 15.84oz (450 mL) sealant (refills available,) accessories for inflatables (sports balls), instructions, zipped storage bag Just 10 minutes to repair and fully inflate your tire with the simple push of a button. No jacks or tools needed and no need to remove the wheel or the valve core Plugs into a 12 V car charging socket, features a dial display for monitoring tire pressure and a pressure release valve tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Safe - sealant approved by leading vehicle manufacturers and contains Environmentally friendly, Non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-hazardous, Non-flammable, Water soluble sealant Safe and easy emergency repair sealant. Use for either 3 days or up to 160km (100 miles) on highway vehicles before visiting a tire repair specialist Slime 50122 Emergency Flat Tire Repair Kit Fixing a roadside flat can be a drag. Not only is it a dangerous job, it also takes time to change a tire. At least, until now. With the Flat Tire Repair Kit, you will be up and back on the road in less than 10 minutes. We simplified the traditional repair kit into four simple steps. It is that easy. Instantly, a mix of sealant and air are fired right into your tires, sealing punctures and repairing the tire. If you get too excited and put in too much air, you can easily take it out with the deflate button. Best of all, the repair lasts up to 500 miles, more than enough to get you to a service station. With the Flat Tire Repair Kit, you are not just buying time, you are buying simplicity. Total repair time is 10 minutes. Slime Tire Sealant is for temporary repair only. After using Slime, have your tire professionally repaired as soon as possible. Features: Includes 15.2 oz Slime tire sealant Repairs and fully inflates your tire with the push of a button, in just 10 minutes! 4 simple steps Dial display gauge is integrated right into the inflator, so you can monitor tire pressure as you inflate Plugs into a standard 12-volt accessory outlet Pressure release valve Sealant seeks out and repairs punctures up to 1/4” (6mm) Non-toxic, non-corrosive and safe for tires and rims SHIPPING PAYMENT Warranty & Returns CONTACT US Thank you for your purchase on our ebay stores. We are an USA local distributor to help more than 1000 foreign manufacturers to promote their products at the lowest price. All o...

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